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The Strata Team is here to build your dream home
Nate Shaffer
Tanner Garfield
Vice President
From a young age, I was always drawn to Construction. My father worked in construction, and I…
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Josh Warner
Structural draftsman
Josh Warner, a long time resident of Las Vegas has recently made himself invaluable to the mission…
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Lenzi Johnson
Office Manager
Lenzi Johnson is the Office Manager at Strata Homes, a prominent residential and commercial construction company. Her…
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Ammon Blauer
I was born and raised in Parowan Utah have been a St. George resident since 2014. Before…
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Gen Dalley
Director of Marketing
Gen Dalley is the director of marketing, selections coordinator, and oversees all the events, including Strata’s parade…
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Jaya Turley
Architectural draftsman
I’m an Architectural Drafter at Strata Homes, dedicated to blending beauty and functionality in home design. A…
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Todd Walker
Construction Sales Manager
Todd Walker is a dedicated professional with a rich background in management and sales. He holds an…
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Chase Faldmo
Project engineer
His love for adventure has taken him to mountain peaks and hidden valleys, teaching resourcefulness and resilience.…
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